plastics everywhere

It amazes me how a grown up just dumps a candy wrapping on the roadside after eating candy. I mean, where is your conscience? Doesn’t it occur to you that there is a reason there are  dust bins along the streets of Nairobi? Yes! i know  the dust bins may not be placed in all the streets, but what is just so hard in putting that wrapper in your bag or pocket and  dump it whenever their is a bin at your disposal.

Look at Rwanda; a developing African country just like us,i have personally never been there but no worries its on my list of places to visit by 30. Six years now free from tattered pieces of non biodegradable plastics,Oh how sweet is that?

We can do it as well,its only that we have chosen to make plastics a necessity in our lives that we cant imagine life without them.Imagine walking in a city with no sight of plastic bags,no blocked drainage on a rainy day(am sure every Nairobian has come in contact with this on a rainy day).

Just look at Nairobi river today, its hard to imagine it once had clear flowing water in it.Look at how filthy Dandora dump site looks like? such a pity that we have reduced ourselves to this.

So what am i trying to say?life would be much more easier if we just took our waste as our responsibility.You cant complain of the city being dirty when you are among those making it dirty.  so anytime you think of dumping something in an  unappropriated place remember this be the change you wish to see in the world today.




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  1. jimmy says:

    such a good insight,but the plastic menace will take a combined effort to bring it down,first we need a zero policy to plastic papers or polythene,this need political will as its can only be enforced throw a legislation,second its awareness at elementary level where our sons and daughters can be taught that waste is our responsibility.schools should have good solid waste management systems where kids can learn from.


    1. clairenasike says:

      Thank you Jimmy.Waste Management involves a minimal step such as educating our young generation on how to manage it..something our schools have been unable to do.i agree about the political aspect as our MPs are the law takes a whole lot combined effort to get rid of this plastics in our midst.but if Rwanda did it,why not us?we are not so different after all.


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