wildlife and urban areas

So here I am in Nairobi sited in a Matatu (Bus) as we Kenyans call them, headed to the Central Business District.

And through my window I can’t help but notice the different birds flying up the skies. One bird in particular catches my attention; Marabou Stork, a huge scavenger bird that has effectively adapted to living in Nairobi, call it changes in the environment, and which is also every hawkers and drivers nightmare along Uhuru Highway.

Despite the risk these birds face in the polluted urban environment, the humans in the area also face a risk on the waste that comes as a result of the birds in the area.

It’s a good thing to see nature thriving in such urban centers however if the coexistence of this birds pose a threat to their survival as the birds feed on human trash and other effluence and degradation to the environment which the humans something must be done.

A serious case of human wildlife conflict that needs to be tamed before it turns into an uncontrolled issue.

As human population continues to grow and development increases, so has the ability of many different forms of wildlife to rapidly adapt to urban settings and drastically increase the prevalence of human wildlife conflicts. 

This has become a menace in conservation and land management and well thought of management strategies are needed to curb it. Perhaps, community education and awareness on the importance of wildlife conservation.

And that is my day, how was yours?


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  1. jimmy says:

    ok,let me respond to human wildlife conflict,i greatly think the main issues lies down to how we plan our development as a country,most of the plans don’t incorporate environmental aspects i.e habitats for different species.This can be due to the fact that most people don’t appreciate the ecological role this species undertake.Plans are usually attached to economic gains but not ecological gains.


    1. clairenasike says:

      jimmy its not only about planning,human wildlife conflicts involves a whole lot more of issues such as encroachment to wildlife areas,failure of the need to see the importance of this wildlife call it ignorance maybe..if only we took time to know more about his creatures….life would be so much easier


  2. ps says:

    The issue of conflict between wildlife and humans is based on the planning of our urban centers, where by man is deploring the natural habitat of the wild, so where do they go, they have to adapt to survive according to the law of Natural selection by Charles Darwin. The worry is the pollution in our cities, people are cutting down trees and raising buildings in the name of investing for future… the question how will that future be without clean and fresh air to breath.? 10yrs from now we might be lacking fresh air for breathing due to carbon increase. Lets Plant trees around these buildings and along the streets and we will provide sinks for the greenhouse gases that are depleting the ozone layer leading to climate change.


    1. clairenasike says:

      Very well said.We’ve focussed more on development rather than sustainable development.


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