Ecosystem based Farming God’s Way

So today, i want to teach you something new,hoping i wont be one of those boring teachers or lecturers.Today’s lesson is about Ecosystem based farming God’s way.Yes that! I know, you are like what is  she talking about. Relax, am just getting started.

We live in an era where climate change has led to food insecurities due  to unreliable rains in various countries, Kenya being one of them.Various strategies have been put in place  to curb it but with little success. Seems like climate change is here to stay and we therefore   have to look for ways to sustain ourselves both ecologically and economically.

So what is ecosystem based farming God’s way? This is a practice that incorporates biodiversity conservation into farming, in that farmers incorporate agro forestry trees  into their farms such as Erythrina abyssinica (red hot poker tree) with an aim of  achieving conservation and obtaining high crop yields.


Its main principles being  zero tillage, mulching also known as God’s blanket, incorporation of trees into the farming system, crop rotation, weeding and no burning .So, of what importance is this kind of farming? Well,it helps in the restoration of degraded lands as well as increasing  crop productivity.

This type of farming can be practised on small scale as well as on  large scale. And you can even try it in your garden if you want to have beautiful sun birds and butterflies. Not forgetting hanging gardens for those of us who live in city apartments and feel the urge to try this.

What are you waiting for?Try this out and see for yourself. You do not  have to start with large crops, small vegetables such as Kales,spinach or solanum nigrum can do as well.

So there you have it. Hope you  find this helpful, worthwhile  and interesting. Wondering where I learnt this?  All thanks  goes  to A Rocha Kenya for the four month internship programme.




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