Beyond Amazing

Life  in the urban areas can be hectic and quite  demanding at times. Traffic jams, work, commuting, meeting daily needs not to mention  a polluted environments due to industrial and vehicle effluents.

We all once in a while, need a period of relaxation, to get us away from the ever busy and fast urban life. This not only helps us relax but it enables us reflect on our day to day lives, as well reconnecting  with our inner beings.  Did you know that exposure to green spaces boosts health and reduces stress?


So today, together with a few friends I took  a stroll in the beautiful Karara Nature Trails At A Rocha Kenya in Karen Nairobi. And i must admit, the relaxation I felt was beyond amazing, at some point i forgot i was in the ever fast Nairobi city. The monkey squeaks, beautiful bird calls, butterflies and the colorful flowers brought a soothing feeling to my whole being.



I was indeed happy, happiness brought about by mother nature.



I cant wait to do this again… so, so beautiful, beyond amazing.



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  1. Jimmy says:

    sure those are some of the ecosystem benefits,i wish you could quantify that feeling of relaxation ,health benefits into monetary term..i bet millions of shillings,right? .once people understand this then conserving this ecosystems will surely be a priority to all of us.

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