Bird Ringing Experience

Did you know that birds get very quiet immediately before it rains?

Long before technology was developed, birds were used to predict weather patterns by our fore fathers.They  could tell there would be fair weather if the birds  were flying high in the sky. Decreasing  air pressure caused by an impending  storm causes discomfort in birds’ ears, hence they fly low to alleviate it. Large numbers of birds roosting on power lines indicates swiftly falling air pressure.


I was lucky enough to join experienced bird ringers from A Rocha Kenya and The  National Museums of Kenya on a ringing session at Karara Forest(A Rocha Kenya’s forested property).


So what  is  bird ringing? It   is  a technique used in the study of wild birds, by attaching a small, individually numbered, metal or plastic tag to their legs or wings, in order to study the various aspects of the bird’s life.


It is through ringing, that information on dispersal, migration, longevity, behaviour, survival rate, reproductive success and population trends of migratory birds is  be obtained. which is important for conservation planning and site management to conservationists.


I must admit, i learnt so much that i didn’t imagine i would on that particular day.The whole exercise from setting up the mist nests,measuring the molt,weight and age was just amazing.Learnt a a few bird names and their calling sounds.


I honestly didn’t know you could tell the age of a bird by looking at its feathers.I am not much of a bird person but this particular activity,filled me with so much enthusiasm.Looking forward to the next one.



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