Investing in Kenya’s youth for a sustainable future.

William butler Yeats once “education is not the filling of a pail but lighting of a fire.” The youth and children who tend to learn better through outdoor  activities constitute majority  of  the kenyan population and thus making them very important stakeholders in environmental and sustainable development issues.

And for sustainable development to be achieved, i believe environmental education  is a key aspect in conservation which should be therefore be adopted by  schools in Kenya, if we are to have a generation of young  people who put environmental conservation and sustainability as their best interest at heart.

That said, i was privildeged, today despite the chilly weather to be part of   an environmental education session with pupils from Logos school in Nairobi. The session which lasted about two hours was very educative ,informative and lovely.The enthusiasm on the kids faces as they went round the forest collecting small organisms  and learning  about forest diversity was beyond amazing.And from a distance, i could tell they were slowly getting to understand and appreciate  the importance of the existance of such ecosystems.

One girl particulary caught my attention as she told the group that she would save money given to her by her parents for candies to buy seeds and plant more trees for other pupils to enjoy mother nature’s gifts as she  did.

What more can i say? Empowerment at its best.We should all aim at raising a generation that cares  about  conservation of natural resources as its only they who are going to be  victims of climate change in the future.


And as professor Judy Wakhungu(cabinet secretary for Environment,water and Natural Resources) stated recently at a forum,”the youth are the greatest consumers, producers, victims and beneficiaries of environmental resources and decisions made today should aim at creating a future world that will be safer, healthier and more peaceful.” So come forth lets care and protect our planet!



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