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According to ILO global employment trends, January 2010, there are over 1.2 billion young people in the world today. It is estimated that the youth make 18% of the global population and 25% of the total working age population. And about 90% of young people are born in developing countries where around half of the total population live in rural areas.

Over the years, millions of youth have moved to the urban areas in search of white collar jobs. This is brought about by the negative attitude towards agriculture which is looked upon as an occupation for the poor and the uneducated.
An Economic survey carried out in the year 2013 by the Kenya Bureau of statistics suggests that agriculture contributes to 17.6% of the gross domestic product thus making it a key aspect in Kenya’s economy. It is also the number three employment sector in the country.
In a country where the youth constitute majority of the population, agriculture has the capacity to provide employment to most jobless youth across the county thus growing the economy.
With about 7% to 8% of Kenyan land considered high class (sufficient fertility and rainfall),it is about time the youth of this country, considered venturing into agribusiness. They need to be more creative and open minded as there are lots of opportunities in agribusiness as white collar jobs are proving to be scarce.
Who says you need to have a large plot of land to be able to farm in the city?


I just harvested my Solanum nigrum (managu) from my small garden. Very healthy and nutritious…Have a look.






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