Little Paradise

The ability to relax  is important in managing stress and anxiety.Today’s society is full of angry,irritable,depressed people all in the name of  beating deadlines,beating traffic jams and so much more.

Being busy is beneficial to a certain extent,overworking tends to  lower our productivity levels thus the need of a little relaxation or a vacation as some of you may call it.Need i explain why there is too much shoddy work being done in various offices today?Our bodies need some time to regenerate the energy lost while running various errands


Courtesy of A Rocha Kenya i was lucky to visit Mwamba Field study Centre(A Rocha Kenya’s study centre),this place is an  epitome beauty on earth.The centre  is a few kilometers from the famous the watamu marine national park and of course the beautiful white sandy beaches of Watamu.DSCN2106

Surrounded by a forest and an ocean,this place is an ideal holiday place for nature lovers,families,researchers and anyone in need of a quiet alone time.I must admit it is one of the most relaxing places i have been to.Imagine being woken up monkeys jumping on the roof tops instead of your alarm clock,waking up to the sight of beautiful sun rays lighting the sky and walking past crabs on your way to the room(this got me screaming on top of my lungs on my first night).DSCN2109

It may not be a five star hotel but i must say it is simply breathtaking.





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