Deforestation:a significant contributor to climate change.

Lakes  are drying, rivers turning into streams,glaciers melting profusely,arid and semi arid  lands
extending,rainfall becoming unpredictable and wild animals rapidly decreasing.Blame it on the  massive deforestation of the Kenyan forests.


Brachylaena huillensis(silver oak) stump in Ngong road forest.

According to FAO Forest
Resource Assessment 1990, Kenya is classified
among the countries with low forest cover of
less 2% of the total land area.
Due to  pressure from increased population and land uses,this ecosystems are being burned down or cleared releasing carbon into the atmosphere thus increasing atmospheric carbondioxide levels which in turn exacerbate climate change levels.
According to weather and climate, it is estimated that 1.5 billion tons of carbon are released into the atmosphere due to deforestation every year.


Freshly cut Brachylaena huillensis(silver oak) in Ngong road forest.

These gases (carbon dioxide and methane), when released into the atmosphere form a barrier that inhibits the sun’s energy from radiating back into space, thus raising the earth’s temperature.
In a developing country like Kenya, the cheapest and the most efficient way to mitigate the harmful
effects of climate change is to have lots of trees. These are vital for life and home to millions of species.They protect the atmosphere,provide oxygen and store carbondioxide as well as controlling climate.
They also do provide we humans with food,shelter and medicines as well as purifying the air we need to survive.
Go forth,plant trees to save our country and our planet.


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