In the spirit of conservation and mentorship

It is said that,when you love something deeply and genuinely you can cross a million mountains just to get it.
Well,my love for conservation and mentorship, saw my colleague Stephie Ojiambo and i drive on a muddy road for four hours just to mentor girls in Osieko secondary school in Busia county.


The headgirl addressing the students.

The muddy road and the rain, didn’t make it any easy for us, as we had to alight and push the vehicle several times.


Stephie had to fold up her dress to be able to make it through the mud.

By the time we got to the school, the students were exhausted as they  had been waiting for close to five hours.

The headteacher of the school, insisted we talk to  the boys as well,as they were part of the problems affecting the girls.
(Talk about altering our talks the very last minute.Hehehe)


And they attentively listened.

Stephie who is a nurse by profession spoke took both the girls and boys through a reproductive health lesson as i took them through an environmental conservation one.


Stephie talking to the students.

We winded up the session by handing out sanitary towels to the girls and in the spirit of conservation,we planted two Camphor tree seedlings.


This is how you plant a tree.

Well,well,apart from missing my bus back to Nairobi,getting a puncture on our way to the school, getting stuck in the mud and being rained on.It was a good session with these students.


Thanks to Madam Alice Chevi for identifying the school and enabling us to get there.Looking forward to the next one.


A selfie with the students.


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  1. Good work.You are a great inspiration to those young men and women.I support the good work you are doing.

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    1. clairenasike says:

      Thank you Elvis Kavai.

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  2. sueamu says:

    Great work. This is just the beginning, keep up the spirit and the future will be amazing for you.

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  3. Bonney Bwire says:

    Good job sisters

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