To draw a red line or not?

Did you know that the Maasai believe that: elephants descended  from a young girl Siangiki who was reluctant to get married and looked at the mother’s house(which was a taboo) and immediately her body started swelling with her ears becoming huge?


Photo courtsey of Deeble and Stone 2014.
That the Maasai place blades of grass  on elephants skulls as a sign of respect?
That the Kikuyu call the placenta and the elephant by the same name “Njogu” which symbolises new life?

From Satao to Mountain bull and Qumquat.Everyday our newspapers and television sets are filled with pictures of dead elephants from all over Africa.
Over 100 elephants are killed everyday in Africa for their tusks.Today an estimated 250,000 elephants remain with more than 30,000 killed each year.
So why poach elephants? The need to poach elephants is driven by the black market value of elephant ivory.It is also driven hugely by the rebel groups such as the Al Shabaab
seeking ways to fund their insurgencies in Africa.
This illegal ivory trade is majorly executed in Asia particularly China, where ivory is sold for thousands of dollars per kilo.And it said to be the most lucrative illegal business outdoing drug smuggling.

Elephants are part of our heritage as Africans and more so Kenyans and thus we have a part to play in protecting them.Be it informing the relevant authorities about poachers or enrolling as rangers.
Just like the Chinese adore the Panda,we also need to adore and draw a red line on Elephants for the sake of our future generations.And this can only be done if we learn to love these wild magnificent creatures,their importance and value in our daily lives.


The debate”Things R Elephants” at Brookhouse School.

It is this information that the “Things are Elephants” debate at Brookhouse School yesterday brought out.


Dr .Paula Kahumbu poses for a photo with dancers.

It was a very informative and emotional one i must say.


With CEO of WildlifeDirect Dr.Paula Kahumbu.


Selfie with US ambassador Mr.Bob Godec.

Massive shoutout to Dr.Paula Kahumbu of Wildlife Direct and Hands off our elephants for the enormous effort in ensuring our elephants survive in the wild.If she can do it we can do it as well.

image  students say no to poaching together with the US ambassador Mr.Bob Godec.

Through mobilization,empowerment and participation we can protect the likes of Satao and Mountain bull.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. David Oyaga says:

    Cool , I think the government should take a bigger step on this issue


    1. clairenasike says:

      Yes it should but the government wont succeed in taming the poachers


    2. clairenasike says:

      The government needs its citizens to be able to deal with this issue.


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