My two cents worth in.

Grandmothers,mothers,aunts and nieces are very essential people in a family as well as the society at large.(Perhaps wondering why dear reader).
Ever wondered why,a child when hungry,injured or in dire need of an item, runs to the mother instead of the father? Well,because he or she knows the mother will provide whatever he or she is in need of.

These women however,for a long time have been marginalised on issues relating to the environment.Be it in terms of land rights,education,decision making and access to resources.

It is widely known that women,in their productive and reproductive roles, have close links with the environment in many countries and they are often among the first individuals to be affected by resource degradation.

Modernization and traditional beliefs however,have been accompanied by a decline in women’s entitlements to land and common property resources. Women are
usually very dependent on common property resources for water, firewood,food and medicine as it is  their responsibility to ensure that the family is supplied with these goods.

When these commonly held resources become scarce and property rights are exerted because of a perceived market value, their control tends to be assumed by men, although the women’s role, as the supplier of these resources to the family does not change.

For instance,The Kenyan Constitution in Article 60 (1) (f), advocates for elimination of gender discrimination in law,customs and practises related to land and property in land.

In article 60 (1) (g),it encourages the communities to settle land disputes through recognised local community initiatives consistent with the Constitution.

Question is does the local community allow a woman to own land?

This has sparked several debates in various countries which highlight women’s roles in the use and management of natural resources.

What would happen if we involved women in decision making in matters relating to the environment?
What if we gave them the right to land ownership,just what would change?
If environmental sustainability is to be achieved and the impacts of climate change mitigated or reduced.Women have to be at front in issues related to the environment.And to be at the fore front, i mean allowing women access to the various environmental resources,involving them in decision making and formulation of laws and regulations that specifically allow women to own land in the various communities.

Well, well the Bloggers Association of Kenya Awards, came to an end on saturday the 2nd of May 2015 with a winners gala event at The Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi.Though i did not emerge victorious:the feeling of being nominated from 1800 blogs was and is still thrilling, considering, it was my first time to be nominated for such awards.
Congratulations to graduate farmer for scooping the best environmental/agricultural award. To you all, who believed in me and took time off your schedules to vote for me. THANK YOU.THANK YOU.


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