Five things no one will tell you about when joining A Rocha Kenya

It has been an exciting,eye opening and educative journey  with A Rocha Kenya; a christian conservation organization that is part of the  larger International Network of A Rocha organizations in 19 countries around the world.

With offices in Nairobi and Watamu, A Rocha Kenya aims to conserve and restore threatened habitats and biodiversity through research, environmental action, advocacy and community empowerment.

For the time I have worked with this christian organization, I have learnt a lot more than I imagined i would.And today I want to share with you the five things that no one will tell you about when joining A Rocha Kenya.So here we go:


At Karara (A Rocha Kenya’s forested property in Karen)

1.Too much love

Well, the love I got when I joined A Rocha Kenya is indescribable.Normally as a newbie in most organizations after your orientation you are left on your own to execute your duties as per your employment agreement.At A Rocha it is a  completely different thing,everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever and whenever they can,which makes most employees,interns and volunteers settle in quickly.The love can be overwhelming at times especially on birthdays and farewells.If you are the emotional one,pocket tissues and handkerchiefs will come in handy.

2.You must embrace the spirit of  communality
The spirit of communality is embraced throughout A Rocha Kenya.More so at Mwamba(A Rocha Kenya’s field study center),where are required to interact with each other and guests with love and respect as we work towards conserving God’s creation.

3.Getting your hands dirty

Be ready to get your hands down and dirty.A Rocha Kenya operates on the principal that, for one to understand conservation work better they have to get involved practically in the activities such as gardening,tree nursing and rock pooling.So you might want to  get yourself a pair of gloves (if you are a girly girl like I am and care about your nails) and to avoid looking ridiculous in heels on that field day, a pair of good gum boots would do.


Preparing a farm for Farming God’s Way at Logos Christian School Nairobi with A Rocha Kenya’s National Director Dr.Raphael Magambo.

4.You must own a bible or rather have access to one
Being a christian conservation organization,every activity carried out by A Rocha Kenya  is aimed at caring for God’s creation.And most of the time quotations from the bible are used to pass across the message of conservation.You will also need your bible during Monday morning meeting and sharing.Oh yes! We do have a rota where each individual gives a sharing from the bible.You do not want to injure your neck by overstretching.So just get yourself that bible,will you?

5. Deprivation of titles
Aha!You read that right!.No titles at all.Titles can get to people’s heads causing detrimental effects at times. A Rocha Kenya is aware of this and therefore encourages equality and co-operation at all times.Make use of that title when conducting business on behalf of A Rocha outside the office and remember not to let it get to your head.


Sharing a dance with A Rocha Kenya National Administrator Mrs.Carol Kitsao in a white trouser and Mrs.Sue a volunteer at A Rocha.

You are now in the know zone,aren’t you?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. The Age Of Environmental Conservation says:

    Nice one Claire..well put.. two thumbs up!!


  2. Carol says:

    Nice one my dear. I am impressed and humbled at the same time reading this. God bless you my daughter in your care for creation journey


    1. clairenasike says:

      Thank you for the opportunity as well Ma.


  3. Daphne Keverenge says:

    sounds interesting where and how can i join
    on a serious note


    1. clairenasike says:

      Daphne send an email to or you can call Mrs Carol Kitsao,the National Administrator.Sending you her number.


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