Agribusiness;the backbone of the Kenyan economy.

Nobody likes the feeling of having empty pockets every day.Lack of money or being broke as some call it can be traumatising.
The disappointment one gets when the phone buzzes only to check and find a “Please Call Me” text message instead of an  M-pesa one. The feeling of hopelessness and desperation that comes every time one realizes they have no money to pay their child’s school fees, rent, buy food or even taking a girlfriend on a date.
Constantly being surrounded by expenses that never seem to be satisfied with the little you make or have.

“Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how devilishly expensive it is to be poor”- James Baldwin

It’s a sad reality that haunts every unemployed Kenyan. If one was lucky to get  employed but mismanage the income, brokeness will not spare you too.
Everyone especially the youth, is looking for a get rich quick scheme to bring them financial freedom but nothing seems to work.The salary they earn is not enough; getting a promotion does not seem to help things out because one is deep in loans and the money keeps vamoozing in the bank. Those who are unemployed tend to suffer the most because they have no source of income to maintain their lifestyles.

So how do we overcome all these challenges and strike it rich? What business or activity can one indulge in to ensure that we always have extra money in our pockets? Most people dream of making millions but they won’t get that far because they do not know how to achieve this goal.

Kenya has a lot of businesses but  only one completely stands out from the crowd. This business is  what drives the economy and more than half of the population in Kenya depends on it. This is Agriculture (Agribusiness).


Its definition is simply agriculture conducted on commercial principles, using advances technology. Agribusiness is simply approaching farming as a business so as to increase your income through various agricultural activities.
I am sure the questions passing through most of your minds right now are;

What makes agribusiness better than any other business?
What do I need to do to become a millionaire through it?
Are the profits assured?

Making a million shillings is no joke and preaching this sermon requires a lot of tangible evidence to it. I  have travelled and interviewed successful millionaire farmers who were more than eager to share secrets that led to their success in Agribusiness.
And one thing was clear: as long as people consume food  there will always be a continous demand and market for agricultural products.

Human beings require food to survive and that is where the farmer comes in.


There is huge demand thirst for agriculture, especially in Africa that will not be quenched soon. This is the opportunity that as Kenyans we need to exploit and use to generate huge amounts of profits through farming.
Who will feed the 10 billion people in the world in 2050? Think and act agribusiness dear Kenyan youth!

By Joseph Boit
Co-Founder and Managing Director at


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