My heart still aches,Grandma!

It’s been 3 years since you assented God’s call to be one of His angels.No amount of of words can depict the woe my heart felt that day.My mighty oak,how you fell so easy still baffles me.Was the pain too much “Kukhu”(grandma) or was it time to go?

I miss you so much grandma.

You who taught me how to believe in God when he was evidently miles away.I still remember how you held your rosary close to your chest on your deathbed.Your faith in Him was unfathomable.It still puzzles me how you got the energy to pray in the midst of all the pain you felt.Your strength was indeed like that of an oak tree.

Namunje Abamu Sidonge

Remember how you and grandpa used to recite the rosary every  night? He  still does that, but with so much sorrow.He’s grown so frail grandma,he sometimes sits alone on the veranda and talks to an imaginary you.How that breaks my heart.You were his mighty oak just like you were mine.Remember how he used to wait for you to wake up  and take breakfast together at 11am? He still does that “Kukhu.”  How I pray that my husband and I will have the love you and grandpa had.The thought of you missing my wedding,crushes my already friable heart.

Remember when you  bought your first radio and I accidentally knocked it down.”kwisia sa mao ana ngurira yindi”(just break it your mum will buy me another) you said as you quickly picked it up and landed a slap on my cheeks. Oh! grandma,I miss you so bad.On some days I just let the tears flow and on some I smile knowing you are in a better place.

I could trade my life to have you once again, you know. Oh! How I miss you your cooking,remember how you made fun of me when  licked my plate after having  “omugoyo nende amabwoni?” (mashed potatoes and ground peanut stew). I tried making it with mama but it turned out nothing like yours.How I wish you told me the secret ingredient you used.Or maybe you made it with so much love,a love that left my heart aching on that fateful day.

Remember how I used to follow you around when you went collecting herbs and I would bug you with questions on the uses of some trees? Remember how angry you would get when someone cut a tree from your live fence? Yes i feel that way too.

You grandma, are the reason I was awarded as the 3rd recipient of The Wangari Maathai Scholarship.I shed tears thinking of you lying six feet under when you were supposed to be with me on that day.You nurtured my love for nature and the environment and for that I will always celebrate you.

Remember you telling me that I would make a good leader?  I am doing that through my co-founded programme Return of Sisterhood and  you grandma,  are nowhere to gauge my leadership skills.Why did you have to go so early? Couldn’t you have negotiated your arrival time with God? I thought you were good with words grandma?

Remember that day when someone knocked on our door at night and we thought it was Nambusi.Remember grandpa saying “Nani ako mlangoni,ongea ama tuite Askari” holding a stool in his hand? Oh! How you laughed to tears at the thought of a feeble 75 year old man battling a  mentally incapacitated lad  with broken stool.Sophy still echoes your laugh whenever we meet.Oh! How she cried that day.

Silvanus weeps at the sight of your picture,Noralyn on the other hand talks and waves to your grave whenever she comes home and your sons and daughter have never accepted the fact that you are no more especially your last born.Terribly we all miss you.

To God I am grateful that He made you apart of my life.You were my mighty oak and you forever shall be.

Eternal rest grant unto the soul of my grandma,O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.And may you rest her soul in peace.Amen.




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  1. owa nawiri says:

    I fondly remember her…… what a tribute!

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  2. AlexNamuliro says:

    May she rest in peace

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mercy says:

    Lovely tribute to a lovely woman an oak as you rightly put it. Rest in peace Kukhu

    Liked by 1 person

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